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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Health Habits can improve everyone's health

As I look around in the place where I live I can see different establishments promoting natural way of acquiring good health. There is a wealth of information on natural health and healing on different site in the website, and even in various books out there. But sometimes we do not have the time or simply we do not have the interest of reading them, hope my short blog would be perfect for you.
I will share some list of basic good health habits which I read in book that I embraced and carried out, that I sure would have a positive impact on anyone's health. With this list, you will be able to formulate a good health plan for yourself and for your family. Most of these good health tips are virtually free, while others replace the habits and things which you may currently be doing or using.
Drink at least eight glass of water everyday.
These good health habits are important especially in this time of summer
. Our bodies are over 80% water! Water carries out many functions in the body – it
lubricates, carries nutrients, flushes toxins, cools, etc. Many diseases have been linked o lack of water. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices as well as herbal teas are good.
Eat a variety of whole and natural foods.
Whole foods contain more nutrients and fiber than processed foods. The nutrients in whole foods are also better assimilated by the body. By eating a variety of whole foods, we would thus be getting all the different nutrients which we need; try to have a colorful diet - i.e. fruits, vegetables, beans, etc of different colors. Processed foods, on the other hand, are unnatural and often contain a load of chemical additives and preservatives.
Eat organic
commercially farmed vegetables and fruits are often genetically modified or sprayed with chemical pesticides. We are ingesting all these harmful toxins every day, at every meal and the buildup causes disease in the long run. Eating organic reduces our intake of these poisons. Organic produce also contains more nutrients, which are natural and thus better assimilated by our bodies.
Eat more raw foods
Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds contain more nutrients, enzymes and photochemical than cooked foods. Cooked foods are often lacking in nutrients and difficult for our bodies to digest. In fact, there has been research which states that, after consuming a cooked meal, our bodies' immune system goes into overdrive to try and combat the large amount of toxins being produce. The more raw you can eat, the better.
Good health habits: Lifestyle
Besides food-related ones, there are many other living-related good health habits which
be picked up.
Rest Have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Try to go to bed by 10pm, as the best period for the body to repair and heal itself is between 10pm and 2am. Try to sleep in total darkness, or in as little light as possible. This is an important, but often ignored, good health habit.
Exercise regularly
Humans were made to move.
Sweating is a major channel for our bodies to detoxify.
This are only some but I’m sure this will help.

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