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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Developing Our Talent

Even whatever race we belong and country we comes from, I believe that we all have talents and abilities given to us by our creator. When we were born we already brought this talents and abilities with us. Each of us has given at least one special talent. Some of us are very good leaders, some can sing very well or play instruments very well. Others maybe very good in sports or very good in cooking can even make their love ones more in love with them. Others are very good in teaching. But it is up to us to accept this given talent and develop and uses it as our means of living or use them in helping others in a way that we want to. Some of us may say that they don't have this ability but I want you to know that we do have, only we need to spent time in developing and discovering on what we can do with it. As we do this we can also learned self controlled and even avoid to do things that is harmful to us , such drug abuse, smoking, and etc. By doing this we may in good health and happy person.

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