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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Importance of Frienship

Friendship is a wonderful thing that we can treasure and is very much important for personal growth and success. It can be found on. Friendship itself is sometimes sparked by what we call "vibes," or a strange and electric power of attraction. This is what gives it such a terrific and seemingly magical power to tie people together so closely, many times our first impressions can often be mistaken. We have all made mistakes before in the friends we have chosen. Often, we do not mind, forget, or believe that we had anything to do with the choices, but we shouldn't. It's these lessons that remind us that we are human and make mistakes, as-well-as the fact that not everyone we meet will enter into a relationship in any form, for the same reasons that we do. It's not right or wrong - good or bad. It's just life.
There is really no way to be perfect in certain that everyone, or anyone, you choose as a friend will turn out to be a good friend. But, a terrific place to meet new people, especially those with many of the same interests, and often with the same focus and desire for purpose, power, and interdependence in their acquaintance. Many lifelong friendships have begun from simple acquaintance. Here are some tips on how to choose friends that might be right for you.
1) Look for people who share the same basic values that you do. Believe; teach certain values and principles as you do. Honesty, respect, individuality - these are all good qualities that a lot of people share. Having friends with these qualities will make it a lot easier for you to feel relaxed and at ease when you are with them. You want to develop friendships that will be fun, rewarding and beneficial to all involved. One person should never carry the burden of trying to make a relationship worth.
2) Look for people who respect your decisions. Your friends will have different choices than you do. They should respect your agency of choice, just as you should respect theirs. Sometimes you may feel that a friend is not making a positive choice. Talk these issues with your friend. Nothing is more important to friendship than communication and honesty.
3) Look for people who are real friend. You know what that means: people who are willing to stick by you through thick and thin, who will be there with you when you need them, and will show you the understanding that you in turn give back. A friend you know you can depend and rely on is one you will probably have for life.
There will be times when you feel that a friend of yours is consistently making bad choices, or is not treating you with respect. A real friend takes pride in understanding: try to see where your friend is coming from, and try to resolve any differences you might have. Don't be afraid to talk to. They have the benefit of experience, and are always looking out for your best interests. There are very few things as precious as having good and real friends, and you should not let them go easily. Hold onto your friendships; let them know you value them and do your best to solve problems as quickly as they arise. Trust your instincts and follow your heart and desire.

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