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Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to Overcome Depression

There are times in my life that I feel so depress and I don’t know how to handle them. Especially when I was not able to accomplish the things that I want to accomplish, I said to myself that I am worthless. Good for me that I have my family who is always there for me to lift me up and let me understands that life is always ups and downs. This stage of my life help me understands things like .You should know the different types of depression. Manic depression and or Bipolar Illness, is dramatic and extreme mood swings and can be reckless at times.Severe depression is one that interferes with the ability or sleeps, eat, work, and get along with others or enjoy simple things. You can be at risk for suicide.If you are mildly depressed, you have dissatisfaction for your daily life, and feel sad. You can overcome depression by exercising regularly, eating right, try to get enough sleep each night. You should also surround yourself with good and loving people. Laugh a lot with good friends and try to relax. Psychotherapy/and counseling may help and medication. Try to focus on what is making you so unhappy and try to change the environment, even if it is your job, or marriage, or whatever the problem. You can have counseling for your marriage or children. Your family is usually not qualified to really help you, they might say you will get over what ever it that is bothering. They mean well, but the help they give is usually not suitable. Seek counsel to you church leader. Try to join other groups and do things that will bring about a change in your life. Sometimes going to church will help, because you are around a lot of positive people. You have to look for a change and know that you can be happy. Some people move to another city, or part of the country with a better climate. That may help. You have to make sure that you do not bring the same problems with you. Whether is it a job, or some other situation? Unlearning how to live differently is a challenge.

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