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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Release Your Stress

In our daily activities especially in this time of crisis we can see lots of things that we can say that this can contribute much stress to the person involve in the certain situation. You could say that times are rough and for sure, we all have a bit o’ stress mounting. Releasing that stress is very important to our health both physical and mental.
I want to share some ways of releasing stress … that I tried and I see the effective to me and hope that this help you in a simple way also, some more healthy than others.

Karaoke. Singing my favorite songs with a bunch of friends is not only fun, but develop some of my talent that maybe I don’t recognize , sometimes require my creativity a good portion of time, creative outlets within the performing arena has a lot more stress release attached to it.

Dancing. (not talking about dancing at a club). I'm literally talking about being home, with a great song and family members on our sound system and dancing in my living room.

Taking a Bath . I don't get to do this often, but when I do, I come out feeling of freshness and relief like I just had a massage and that my stress has melted away.

A Good Time with Friends and Family. There is nothing like spending time and laughing with good friends and family after a long week. For it was said laughter is the best medicine, especially, helps release tons of stress!

Exercise. You knew this was coming. Exercise is by far one of the best stress releases. Running after a hard week seems to help me forget about all of my worries. Try and enjoy......

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