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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things We Get In A Coconut Tree

Everywhere I go in my country I can see lots of coconut tree , I grow up that my family source of income is from our coconut tree. I love to eat the fruit of this coconut tree , Now I want to share and let you know the products and uses of this tree but these are only some :

Cocofibre is a 100% organic material extracted from the coconut. Most people know the cocofibfefrom the door mats but it is also used for example as a padding in cushions and mattrasses. Also in the plant growing industry it is used for several organic filters. Since cocofibre is all natural, it is non-toxic and free from the hazards posed by synthetic or asbestos-based counterparts.

Cocopeat is made from cocnout and a 100% organic material. It is frequently used in hydroponics and seed sowing mixes. The advantages of cocopeat are that it is lightweight, relatively inert and comes from a sustainable source. The quality of cocopeat is very important if used for plant growth. Due to poor processing cocopeat can contain salt water residues that will affect the plant growth in a negative way.

Cocochips husk divided into small pieces. This is called cocochips. The cocochips are widely used in the agriculture and mixed with different soils to create a healthy environment. Cocochips are able to absorb and hold water for a longer period of time. Since cocohusk is a salty product the husk is wahsed in plain water before it will be processed into cocochips.

All of this product are useful in farming and making furnitures.And some products that we can get from this tree are vinegar, cocomilk, broom and many more.

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